Mini Update! And the Illusive 3rd Paycheck

Hi! It’s Debbie Debtor…

Is anybody out there? In my last post I told you that I was trying to decide whether to use the last of my bonus to pay my car notes ahead or knock off a few small debts. Well I decided on a hybrid. I paid off my smallest debt, a hospital bill of $2400 and I used the remaining $5,000 to pay the car note ahead through August. I’ll have to try to pay more periodically to get it paid through December. Last year I only had it paid through September and my finances went on a tailspin starting in October because it. From October until I was paid my bonus in December I was in the most financial stress I’d ever experienced because other bills were unpaid due to the car and to be honest I just got tired of overdrawing the account paying bills when there just isn’t enough money. So I just didn’t pay. And they called and called and called until I got the bonus and paid nearly $10,000 to catch up credit card payments. These payments were humongous. Some had grown to over $1,000.00 with me missing the November and or December payments. Sigh….thinking of the situation has caused my heat to beat fast so I’ll stop.

On a happier note...

Tomorrow is the third pay check of this month. At first I thought that I was hitting the jackpot; however, I soon realized that all my same bills would be due at the first of the month as usual and that I would not have any extra money anytime soon.

Thanks for listening,

Debbie Debtor

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